How does it work?

Sign up for only $5 per month and receive a weekly e-mail with a link to your customizable meal plan including 5 slow cooker main dishes and 5 simple to prepare side dishes. Also included will be instructions to help you organize and prep all the meals at once when it's convenient for you and place them in large freezer bags to use throughout the week.

Will I get a bill every month?

Nope. We will get you all set up on auto-bill. Add your credit card information into our secure third party billing site and it will automatically charge you each month. But don't worry. You can log in and cancel anytime.

Do I have to make all of the meals?

Not at all! You can choose as few or as many of the meals as you like. The instructions and shopping list will be adjusted based on your selections. No work is needed on your part trying to figure out what to leave off the list or how to adjust the instructions. It's all done for you!

How many servings do these meals make?

Currently the meals are designed to serve a family of about 4-6 people. For larger appetites you may want to serve extra sides. To cook for 1 or 2 you can divide the recipes by placing the meal into two freezer bags while preparing.

What if I make all the meals and then can't eat them? I don't want to waste!!

No worries! All meals are prepped and ready for the freezer. Anything you won't be able to eat within 2-3 days can just be placed in the freezer and then thawed and placed in the slow cooker when you are ready for it! Most meals should keep for 2-3 months in the freezer.

Do I have to print all of the instructions/shopping list/recipes?

Not if you don't want to! You can access all of the features not only from your desktop or laptop but also from your mobile device such as your iPad or phone!

Am I under contract? How do I cancel?

Want to take a break or just not using the service like you had planned? No worries! We understand. Just log into your account and select cancel. You will still have access until the end of your current billing cycle.

What if I have an issue or need help?

Just head over and fill out the contact form. We will do our best to answer all questions within 24 hours.